What We’re Reading: The ARA Changing of the Guard

November 6, 2014

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The 71st annual ARA Convention and Exposition saw the reigning in of a new president. Ricky Young, of Young’s Auto Center & Salvage in Benson, North Carolina was chosen to replace Ed MacDonald as the head of the association for 2015. Young gave his acceptance speech at the convention.

"I am honored to take the reigns as President of ARA and to continue to play a role in preserving and promoting the work of professional automotive recyclers,” said Young.

The ARA detailed the inauguration of the new president in a press release published on their web site on October 30th.


Gone but not forgotten

Speaking of the ARA Presidency, former president Ed MacDonald finished his year-long tenure with the conclusion of the convention.

"What a year it has been," MacDonald said. "It has indeed been a privilege to share experiences and work with you - a diverse membership of progressive and talented industry leaders."

Recyclers, however, weren't the only group to take notice of MacDonald's achievement of reaching president of the association. 

MacDonald's hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia paid special tribute to the end of his tenure with an article in the local newspaper, titled "Truro man steps aside as president of international automotive organization."

The article can be read here, it's a short but respective tribute to MacDonald, and also gives insight to what the auto recycling industry looks from the outside.


A column on the ARA and Buddy Caldwell

Autobody News writer Chasidy Rae Sisk published an article on the news site October 27th regarding the lawsuit filed by Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell against State Farm accusing the insurer of illegally forcing Louisiana collision repair facilities to install unsafe parts on consumers’ vehicles.

The lawsuit was filed in August, so this isn't exactly breaking news, but what the piece does is compile quotes from both sides on the issue of what Caldwell calls "junkyard parts." 

After the ARA reached out to Caldwell, stating their displeasure at the inaccurate depiction of the auto recycling industry, Caldwell stated he is not against the use of recycled parts, "provided the consumer is informed of and agrees to their use and that the quality of the parts can be confidently ascertained to ensure that their use does not pose a safety risk to his constituent." 

The full article, which can be found here includes full-length quotes from Caldwell, ARA CEO Michael Wilson, David Gold, Secretary of ARA and co-owner of Standard Auto Wreckers. It shows how a general misunderstanding of the industry can reflect poorly on what recyclers do and the quality and care put into the business.


Finally, the auto world mourns the loss of former Car Talk host Tom Magliozzi 

Tom Magliozzi, who became famous with his brother Ray as "Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers" on the weekly NPR show 'Car Talk', died Monday of complications from Alzheimer's disease. He was 77 years old.

NPR paid tribute to Magliozzi, one of public radio's most treasured personalities, with a collection of memoirs and messages from fans and colleagues.  RIP, Tom.

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