What We’re Reading: A Difference in Generations

December 4, 2014

A Harris Poll conducted of 2,000 adults on behalf of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries revealed that Americans in 18-34 age group may be less likely to recycle compared to adults over 35.

Just one-third of those polled in the 18-34 age range said they always recycle, compared to nearly half of those older than 34. The poll also revealed millennials are less likely to think recycling  is critical to reducing energy consumption (36 percent) or that recycling will help reduce landfill space (45 percent).

"Clearly, more needs to be done both to encourage recycling and better comprehend why younger generations aren't seeing the energy, environmental and economic benefits that recycling provides," ISRI President Robin Wiener says in the article. 

The poll comprises a small sample size, but the results still come as a surprise. The poll also revealed that most of those polled wish for more options for recycling and it also needs to be more readily available, which could help explain the viewpoints of the millennial group. 

Polls like the one conducted by ISRI are a stark reminder that work constantly needs to be done to show the benefits of recycling, and awareness around the benefits it creates for the environment. The auto recycling industry, as we have seen in particular, needs to continue to create awarenss of the environmental and financial benefits of recycled parts, and counter misconceptions of the quality of parts in the industry.

Groups in Canada work to raise recycling standards

The Auto Recyclers of Canada, along with Environment Canada, have developed a voluntary code aiming to make vehicle dismantling and recycling more environmentally friendly.

CAREC (Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code) was designed by the groups to set quantifiable goals for the recycling process of vehicles and their parts, and also hopes to push manufacturers to make vehicles with increased recyclability. 

In addition, the ARC has developed a "Retire Your Ride Scheme", which looks to simplify the ensure ELV vehicles are processed by a certified recycler and simplifies the process of selling ELVs.

A great article to read in conjunction to the one above. It's not just about perception, it's about action. And turning this industry's perception around is helped when initiative's like CAREC and "Retire Your Ride" exist and are effective. Kudos to Canadian recyclers for putting these programs in motion.

December Marketwatch

American Recycler released its monthly Scrap Metal Marketwatch earlier this week, which is depicted below.

ABRA signs extension with AudaExplore

From the Solera network, AudaExplore announced it will continue providing estimating, central review, and consolidator dispatch services to all ABRA Auto Body & Glass locations in the U.S. for the next two years. 

AudaExplore is Solera's data-driven solution provider to insurance carriers, repairers, dealerships, fleet owners and suppliers. ABRA has been a customer of AudaExplore's since 2010, and stated efficiency has improved in that time period. Enough so that ABRA has added AudaExplore's consolidator dispatch services to their current service package.

“Our mission is to repair damaged vehicles right the first time, on time,” Tim Adelmann, ABRA’s executive vice president of business development, said in a release. “As we grow, AudaExplore’s state-of-the-art technology will continue to help us provide superior service seamlessly to each of our clients through our extensive network of auto body repair shops across the nation.”

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Interesting survey results about recycling attitudes. Being from Portland, Oregon I haven’t observed this personally in the generation my oldest son is growing up in but would have to say that the concept of ‘going to the dump’ aka the local, open air and very pungent landfill is no longer part of the waste removal process for families like it was when I was growing up. Maybe the younger generations in some communities need a visual record of the less appealing alternatives to recycling as incentive.

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