Webcast: Powerlink 2.8.4 and Production Management

December 22, 2015

This month's 30-minute Hollander webcast walks you through the General Availability of Powerlink 2.8.4 and Production Management. See how 2.8.4 and PM can make your yard more efficient and improve your business. Presentations by Product Managers Walter Michaels and Andrew Christiansen. Check out our time stamps below to see where you can learn about the products you’re interested in. Or, listen in on the whole thing and find out how you can add value to your yard.

If you’d like to jump around and hear updates concerning specific products, below is your guide…. 

1:45 - Powerlink 2.8.4 Overview

14:36 - Production Management

17:10 - Update

21:14 - Storefront Update

24:14 - Product Release Recap

Click on the Graphic Below to watch the webcast! 

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