Want a Part on Interchange? Put the IAR form on Your Desktop

August 26, 2016

User input is extremely important to the Hollander Interchange. From the 82.02 update: 558 Interchange Action Requests were processed (customer feedback), 330 resulted in changes including the addition of 82 notes and idents to help with part identification.

Your opinion helps form and change the Interchange, so when you find a part you'd like covered, please let us know! Interchange Action Requests are important to the work we do here, so we want to provide you a quick and easy way to submit a request when it's top of mind.

The link provided at the bottom of this page can be placed on your desktop as an icon. It links directly the Hollander IAR form. Click and drag the link at the bottom and drag to your desktop to save it. Or, follow the link to the form, highlight the form in your address bar, and drag the link to your desktop.

When you have a request, click the icon, fill out the form and press submit and it'll send straight to our Interchange department.

Again, thank you very much for your continual help in improving Interchange.  

Link to the IAR form:

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