To Tweet or Not To Tweet

September 23, 2014

For a lot of us, learning social media for business feels so much like learning a new language – a chore we avoid it like our old high school Spanish homework. However, social media is critical to a successful 2014 marketing strategy.

Luckily, the language of social is easier than any romance language, and the crew at SociaLink Media is here to help. Over the next 8 weeks, tune into Hollander Excellence every Monday for a crash course in leveraging different social media platforms for your business.

Starting with Twitter…

Simply put, Twitter is the stream of consciousness of the internet. People follow others to see what they tweet; from interesting web links, to thought leadership, to random top-of-mind thoughts. Tweets are limited to 140 characters. They can be promoted with an advertising budget so your target audience sees them, or they can be found organically by categorizing your tweet with this # hashtag symbol.

Why Use Twitter?

The most important part of a digital advertising campaign is figuring out what platforms are most used by your target audience. Twitter is heavily populated by local brands, and young people ages 18-30. This demographic is a sweet spot for auto recyclers seeking to engage with a niche audience for free that is very easy with minimal effort. If the marketing obstacle for your recycler is staying top of mind with your best customers, then Twitter is the social platform for you.

Let’s Break it Down

There are three important reasons why a recycler should be on Twitter:

1. Target User Demographics

18-30 year old men make up Twitter’s highest demographic. Not only is this demographic actively on Twitter but they are most likely generating content (Some Twitter users are observational users and do not post content). For Auto Recyclers this means more people to connect with online, to help: generate user reviews, take photos, and recommend services or providers to friends. In other words, Twitter presents an opportunity to conduct Word of Mouth Marketing for your auto business in a big way.

2. Low Barrier to Entry

Accessing potential customers on Twitter begins by setting up an account. It is completely free, and can take as little as 5 minutes/day to maintain. Twitter is a great unifier by leveling the playing field and helping new people to discover and interact with local businesses. For busy recyclers reluctant to start a large digital marketing strategy, Twitter is a hassle free way to dabble in the digital world.

3. Customer Relationships

Answering customer questions, helping people find your location, or even networking with new potential customers, is as easy as a 140 character tweet. Believe it or not, customers and fans having access to your everyday updates make them feel closer to your brand. Twitter helps your brand morph from the local recycler they visit occasionally; to a friendly familiar voice on the internet that is part of the fabric of an online community.

Getting Started

First things first, get yourself a Twitter handle (translation: username) here. When Twitter prompts you to follow friends in your contacts as well as public influencers relevant to your business, take some time to do so, don’t skimp. Next, send out your first tweet. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Use a hashtag to categorize your tweet. (ie: 25% off side mirrors today! #stpaul #auto)

Because Twitter doesn’t categorize their content, adding a hashtag is how you show up in a search result on Twitter. Now, anyone that searches ‘stpaul’ or ‘auto’ in the search bar at the top, will be able to see your tweet.

Tag other people in the tweet (ie: Guess who stopped by the shop today? This guy @acustomeryouknow)

Tag a person you know and want to interact with by using the @ sign followed by their Twitter handle. They will receive a notification that you mentioned them. With time and consistency, you will develop goodwill on Twitter, find your niche, and start to gain followers, mentions, and re-tweets from the Twitter community.

The rest is up to you. Spend 5 minutes a day to send out a tweet about what your business is up to, follow other local businesses, and promote one another. Tell friends, family, and customers to follow your business on Twitter and that they should tell their friends. Questions? Send your questions and comments to and if we can’t fit that question into future blog posts, we will make sure to answer you personally!

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