From Counter to Computer: The Top 10 Reasons Hollander Products Makes Selling Online Easy

May 1, 2016

You now know why it’s important to enhance your auto recycling business through ecommerce—but that doesn’t mean the “how” is all that straightforward. With Hollander's solutions, however, it actually is. There’s a host of products that help recyclers simplify the online experience. Here are 10 reasons why Hollander’s suite of products (Storefront,, eLink™) can help you earn more money and modernize your business.

  1. The world of ecommerce opens your business up to millions of potential customers. You can sell parts anywhere, to customers located everywhere. Access new markets and sell parts into profitable new channels of demand, including millions of customers in high-volume marketplaces like eBay Motors.
  2. Hollander's solutions allow you to have an online presence that's mobile friendly. As sales surge online and customers use phones to make purchases, you'll be ahead of the curve to convert sales. 
  3. Get a customized retail Storefront linked to your own web site for just your inventory. This improves search functions, the checkout process, and integrates your own web site into Powerlink®.
  4. List your inventory in new channels to reach customers previously unattainable by conventional means. You can still hold onto what makes your brand your brand, but you'll get it in front of an entirely new audience.
  5. Going digital will help you promote your brand and differentiate your business in the marketplace, providing opportunities for repeat business.
  6. Hollander’s suite of online products utilize EDEN® and EDEN Pics, which means you only have to make your changes once and they all benefit! This saves you time and money and ensures consistency for your online presence.
  7. Holllander's best-in-class tool set gives you a variety of ways to put your parts online. You can use one or all of Hollander's online products together (Storefront, eLink and
  8. Once you decide to start, you won't have to give away your weekend to set up shop. Hollander's integration feature with Powerlink and EDEN means you can have your online shop up and running faster than ever before.
  9. Need help getting the word out? We’ve got you. Large marketplaces like eBay will promote your products FOR you.
  10. Different channels offer different levels of customization. Customize your online store so that it feels like your brick-and-mortar shop—with the added value of an online presence.

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