Reaching Your Audience: A Quick Introduction to Facebook Ads

October 24, 2014

There is no doubt that Facebook is an amazing platforms for businesses. In fact, It is such a great platform, that over the last year, Facebook has introduced page advertising specifically for businesses. Unfortunately, in order to promote the ad platform, Facebook has adjusted the newsfeed algorithm so that just under 3% of fans who like your page will ever see what you post. 

In other words: unless you have a few ads running, your fans won’t receive important updates about your recycler. 

Here is one easy fix to solve this problem: Boosting a page post. 

In the busy world of auto recycling, adding one more thing on a marketing to do list just isn’t feasible. But we promise, this ad strategy is as easy as clicking a single button. We will walk you through an example with a post from Hollander Solutions’ Facebook Page below. 

1. On your Facebook page, scroll down to the bottom right hand corner of the post you want to boost. Click Boost Post.

2. In the pop up screen, a preview of your ad will appear. On the right hand side, you will be able to select an audience. If you just want people who like your page and their friends to see the post, select that option, the budget, and the number of days to promote the post. We recommend selecting a duration between 3-5 days.  Budget is up to you, and Facebook will estimate the number of people who will see your post based on the budget given. 

4. Click “Boost” at the bottom of the pop-up page and voila! Your post has officially been promoted.

Now you can leave your computer, let Facebook do the rest of the work, and focus on the auto recyling part of your business.

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