Orlando Training Summit: What’s New?

February 18, 2016

Much of the original Training Summit formula has stayed the same through five events. Our goal has always been to advance user proficiency in Hollander's foundational solutions, especially Powerlink®. We've also tried to give owners and users access to Hollander's variety of resources in a group and 1-to-1 setting. Additionally, various partners, most notably eBay Motors, have been involved almost every step of the way for 1-on-1 availability in our Technology Test Drive Center.

As we make our second tour to the Southeast region February 27th, we'll have with us some tweaks and changes to our agenda. The principles are the same, but now we've made it so more attendee-friendly in a variety of ways.

  • The schedule is now set to repeat. One round of sessions runs in the morning, and the same set of sessions runs in the afternoon. Now users can attend nearly every session if they see value to their position in multiple session tracks.
  • We've added two sessions on Online Part Strategy. This includes group presentations in part from eBay Motors and Hollander experts. Get your online sales managers the strategy they need to be successful in multiple online platforms.
  • An update on eBay Seller Standards effective this month from eBay.
  • A session for CoreConnect, the best way to sell core parts and get top value from them, and a session for Production Management, for streamlining your yard's shipping processes.
  •  But we haven't forgotten Inventory and System Management, two tracks to train your users on becoming more fluent in Powerlink. 

Look at our full schedule below. To register for the Summit click the following link

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