Top of the Summit: Mary Mandel’s Self-Service Industry Insights

January 26, 2015

Mary Mandel knows auto recycling--after all, she's been in the industry for four decades. In this week's Top of the Summit video, Mary shares her insights from her 40 years of experience, and tells us what she's learned about running large self-service businesses. Watch this week's video to hear her lessons in the following:

  • Where do we stand now in terms of self service vs. full service?
  • What will keep your customers coming back?
  • Yard management systems.
  • The value of knowing your culture and what your customers are asking for.
  • The importance of fostering a happy workplace by hiring the right people.

Mary has more than 40 years of experience in the automotive recycling industry. Over the years, she and her husband Terry have owned and operated 21 automotive recycling businesses, nine of which were new builds and 12 were turnarounds of existing operations. These businesses have been profitable, contributed significantly to their local economies, promoted recycling and employed up to 50 people per operation. The Mandels are currently rebuilding and operating a recycling facility in Littleton, Colo.

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