Live From ARA: Photos From The Exhibit Floor

October 26, 2014

Hollander is coming to you live from ARA all week. Our booth is 417 on the exhibit floor, and will be fully staffed with APU, eBay Motors and Hollander experts ready to answer questions or just chat about the industry. But we won’t be complacent in the booth. In addition to sitting in on sessions, panels and networking, Hollander Excellence will provide new content every day to help provide the fullest experience the 71st annual ARA Convention and Exposition has to offer.

The exhibit floor at the 71st ARA Convention and Exposition was flowing every day, but Hollander found a few minutes between the madness to capture some shots of some of the booths. If you didn't get a chance to make it down to Nashville or didn't make it to the floor, check out what you missed!

The Hollander Booth


ARA brought the leather couches

This photographer's vote for quirkiest booth gimmick

The RAS Booth

Found a booth that kind of looks like ours!

Make yourself a cutout

Green was a theme at the Opryland, this booth showed off maybe the most

Somhow one of the only cars at the auto recycle exhibit

And  who can forget.....

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