Introducing Hollander Excellence!

October 20, 2014

Hollander is thrilled to announce the roll out of Hollander Excellence, an exciting new social media initiative on This platform will be used for informational, entertaining and industry-relevant content. Content will revolve around industry issues, marketing tips, and thought leadership in the auto recycling industry. We will be posting in the form of content series in conjunction with partners.

For the next few months, you will see posts sponsored or produced by partners like eBay, Under The Hood and SociaLink. Post will also come in a variety of formats. Under The Hood is producing short podcasts revolving around industry issues, SociaLink is making instructional posts concerning social media platforms and how each can benefit your business, and Hollander filmed five presentations from the Innovation Summit and will be posting them to show off the creativity and informational sessions the Summit provides. In the future we hope to expand our network of partners so a cacophony of voices can have their say on what’s going on around the industry, how current processes can be improved and how your business can benefit from new technologies.

For the past two years Hollander has put together an Innovation Summit to produce new ideas, talk about industry issues, and find ways to improve daily practices with Hollander technologies and at recycling yards in general. This platform is an opportunity to take information that would be present once a year at the Summit and disseminate it year-round to a larger group of recyclers. In addition to that, it’s an opportunity to get the word out on Hollander updates, and inform on what’s going on in the industry (look for upcoming posts on ARA, we’ll be there!) 

We want Hollander Excellence to benefit you, so if you have an idea for content or partners you’d like to see, tell us! Each post will have a section at the bottom for user commenting so we can hear your opinions on how this relates to you. We look forward to reading your thoughts and continuing to find new topics to tackle on this new platform. Check out what we have so far, and rest assured more is on the way.

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