Infographic: How eLink supports your business

June 16, 2016

The Hollander-eBay Technology Summit is rapidly approaching, and a good portion of the first day of the Summit will deal with online sales, particularly on eBay, which means a lot of training and content will focus on Hollander's eBay listing tool - eLink™.

eLink is much more than software, it's a part of a bigger program in Hollander's exclusive relationship with the largest online parts marketplace. Signing with Hollander to sell on eBay gives you access to pieces of eBay Account Management and support unavailable to other recyclers and general sellers on the platform. 

Linking your business with Hollander-eBay program provides a lot of benefits, to simplify all the ways we help your business grow online, we've provided the visual below. Access to these systems will help you sell more should you choose to take advantage. 

As mentioned above, Hollander will be training extensively on eLink during the Hollander-eBay Technology Summit. For more information on the Summit or to register visit our Event Web Site

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