Hollander News: eLink Update

March 9, 2016

eLink, Hollander's online listing tool for uploading and maintaining listings on eBay, is being shut down for a short period over the weekend for a new product update to improve user the user experience. Over the weekend (March 12th and 13th) the site will not be available.

Two main purposes for the update include:

  • This update will ensure listings move from one state to another in a more controlled manner and prevent errors.
  • In this release, when an item is listed or revised, that item will first move into the Queue for "In Progress" items and will show in the count on the In Progress tab.

The "In Progress" Tab Provides Visibility to the Listing Process

When parts move from the queue to being scheduled, the parts display in the In Progress table.

Once the listing is created, the part moves from the In Progress table to the Listed tab.

Other Enhancements in the Update

  • Only parts with listing errors will display in the flagged tab.
  • eLink will not include parts with eBay warnings in the Flagged tab. eBay warnings will display above part information on the part details window in eLink, but the part will display in the Listings tab.
  • The Flagged tab will be cleared out and all items removed from the tab as aresult of this change.
  • Item cannot be accessed error will no longer occur.

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