Hollander Customer Testimonial: A&B Motors

August 19, 2016

Just over a year ago, A&B Motors was considering shutting down their eBay program. Their profile had sunk below standard, some of their listings were old and problematic, and their defect rate on parts sold was skyrocketing- as a result their sales were plummeting, as were visits to their listings.

"We were clueless, we were almost ready to give up" A&B owner Joey Daix said. "I was very close to stopping."

But before Daix shut down the A&B eBay profile, account managers from eBay reached out to him to set his account straight. As A&B is a subscriber to eLink and part of the Hollander-eBay program, eBay saw the dip in production and contacted Joey to put him on a path to correcting A&B's online sales.

"They did things in my account that helped me and taught me things that helped me get back on track," Daix said.

The story of how eBay and Joey worked together to not only fix the issues his account was having, but ensured his practices and methods were up to standard to help him sell more parts than ever before is described in Hollander's newest testimonial. In it, we take a look at how the Hollander-eBay program can help sellers by giving them access to best-in-industry resources, and how their sales will benefit as a result. Click the graphic below to see how Joey and eBay worked to make A&B Motors a top seller on the eBay platform.

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