From Counter to Computer: Here’s how you can get started

May 22, 2016

Now that you know the benefits of selling online, let us help you get started! We first recommend starting with eLink,, and StoreFront.


eLink helps you tap into one of the most powerful online retail platforms in the world: eBay. Simply put, eLink simplifies the process of listing and selling your parts on eBay. How? Why? Glad you asked.

  • List all your parts on the best-in-class market for automotive parts, where a part/accessory transaction occurs every 0.4 seconds.* 
  • Hollander’s exclusive partnership with eBay gives you access to expert account analysis and advice to help maximize your sales.
  • Our exclusive partnership also includes eBay marketing and promotions at no cost. 
  • Exclusive rate card that includes no initial listing fees or re-listing fees, free eBay basic store, free listing subtitles, free eBay Selling Manager PRO and free Gallery View, available to any user of Hollander products, whether you are a Powerlink customer or not!
  • No additional hardware installation
  • Full integration with Powerlink and EDEN makes uploading inventory to eBay seamless, automatically generating work orders when a part is purchased on eBay--and removes them from other sales channels as well! 
  • By automating your sales processes, eLink enables you to efficiently manage thousands of listings and create a significant revenue stream. puts millions of prospective buyers within your reach.

Yes, millions.

The world of online sales truly opens you up to an enormous marketplace, and is a great place to begin tapping into this pool of potential customers. Still not convinced? There are plenty of other benefits.

  • Makes it easy for you to list your parts
  • Makes it easy for you to market your business
  • Makes it easy for buyers to find and purchase parts they need with confidence
  • Integrates with Powerlink and Production Management™, making listing inventory fast and easy
  • Did we mention that it’s FREE?
  • Single-page checkout streamlines purchase processes to improve sales close rates
  • Gives you the ability to list non-Interchange parts
  • Ready to give it a try? Learn more here


If you want to sell your parts on your own ecommerce system, Hollander's StoreFront is for you. Storefront is designed specifically for automotive recyclers who want to market and sell their inventory online. Easily linked into your web site, Storefront provides your customers an intuitive site to search, find and purchase parts. Here’s what you can expect from StoreFront:

  • It quickly integrates with your existing site
  • StoreFront allows you to set up an online storefront your customers can visit to browse and purchase your inventory.
  • It’s hosted by Hollander, meaning no installation is required and there’s no software to maintain
  • Since it integrates with Powerlink, you can set a template and start selling within minutes
  • For those yards using Hollander’s Powerlink yard management system, seamless integration with CoreConnect automates the associated inventory management and sales process
  • It offers an intuitive design for use on mobile devices (something that’s becoming increasingly important in ecommerce)
  • Single-page checkout streamlines purchase process to improve sales close rate

Learn how to get started today: email us at or call 1-800-825-0644.

*Source - eBay Motors July - September, 2014 Statistics

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