Four Keys to eCommerce Success for Auto Recyclers

May 30, 2016

As recyclers look to diverge more of their sales into the online space, a big challenge will be standing out among other sellers, and ensuring your listings and profile are set up to garner success for your business.

So we've decided to tap our online expert - Joe Ferrazzo - to find out what is it about the most successful recyclers online that makes them that way. Joe breaks it down into four keys to eCommerce success for the auto recycler.

1. Make sure your inventory is up-to-date

  • If the part is listed for sale, it should be available
  • Orders from your site should automatically update from your inventory
  • New inventory should show up on the site

How you do this will depend on what eCommerce solution you currently use and how you use it, but making sure your inventory is current can mean the difference not only between losing a future sale, but losing a future customer. Not many chances are given in online sales, much like in-store transactions.

2. Include the important details in your listing 

  • Vehicle Details: Year, Make, Model, Color, etc. 
  • Fitment details (using the Hollander Interchange will help with this!)
  • Shipping details - such as expectations for delivery. Also, more sales occur when Free Shipping is offered! 
  • Images - do not use stock photos. Always have a picture of the part you're listing and the donor car it came from.
  • Warranty and returns information

Take notice of calls you take in for your online listings - questions from customers could help you improve your listings yo cut those calls down.

3. Stellar customer service is a requirement

  • Automatic customer notification of order status, including shipment.
  • Respond to emails within two hours.
  • You should always offer/accept returns - consider even including a return label in the box.
  • Packaging should be clean and professional.

Just like when a customer comes in to your store, how they're treated leaves an imprint on them - and now that we're in the digital age, they can tell the whole world what they thought about buying from you - make it a good experience every time! 

4. Fine tune

  • Make sure your personal sites and profiles are mobile friendly, and adopt user-friendly features like one-page checkout to drive more conversions and sales.
  • Make sure your listings offer in-store pickup and returns; and have the accurate grade attached. 

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