From Counter to Computer: Why eBay Motors matters to you

May 8, 2016

The Marketplace

Hollander's relationship with eBay is about much more than a touting a Fortune 500 partner--eBay Motors is the best place to take your inventory online and sell it. Many of our sellers take advantage of this exclusive relationship to sell parts and boost sales (with help from account experts at Hollander and eBay), and it's because selling on eBay works. Below are some basic statistics from the eBay Motors marketplace in the second quarter of 2015:


And those 14 million unique visitors are not just coming from a search from desktop computers after work. eBay consumers are everywhere. They shop on their laptops, tablets and phones. The shift from retail to online to mobile consumption is noticeable and rapid, and eBay has the data to back that up.


Your Account in the Right Hands

eBay has partnered with Hollander to tap into the largest resource of recycled parts, and they want to make sure your successful when you list your inventory. Any Hollander customer selling on eBay gets immediate access to eBay account management in addition to Hollander experts. eBay also grants Hollander clients access to their Merchant Support Organization, which helps support your sales to help you attain and retain top rated seller status. Hollander customers who choose to take advantage of the benefits of the Hollander program see results. Below is a shining example of  a customer who contacted eBay account management to increase their sales and saw results within weeks.

The amount of views on this seller's items speaks to the power of the eBay platform and how you can take inventory that's not selling and turn it into profit.

Hollander Ease Into Selling 

Make no mistake there is an art to selling and setting up a business on eBay. The great news is that Hollander is equipped with the right tools to sync up fast and get your parts online. Hollander's eLink tool is equipped to load your inventory quickly and efficiently. eLink can upload thousands of parts onto eBay per day, with customized filters and settings to ensure accuracy in every part and listing. You can also use eLink to customize templates for your business. eLink is fully integrated with Powerlink and Production Management™, meaning when parts are sold in your store their pulled from eBay and vice versa.

From Josh Harris at Weaver Automotiveon the power of eLink: "In a day I can list 30,000 parts instead of 50. The more you have out there the better chance you have to sell it."  


****According to data from eBay Motors in Q2 of 2015

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