Backing Up Data That Is Critical To Your Business

June 3, 2019

While Hollander Backup provides an additional fail-safe cloud backup layer for your Powerlink data, it is still critical that your business perform a local nightly backup. This helps to ensure that Hollander installation specialists can help you restore the most up-to-data information possible in the event of a system failure. Along with your data, it is also important to perform local backups for your images since these are not part of the Hollander Backup process. 

Performing Backups for Traditional Servers 

Locate Your Backup Files 

On your Powerlink server, backup data can be found in the ‘Backup folder” which is located in the following directory in Windows File Explorer:  

 C:\program files (x86)\ADP Hollander\Powerlink\Backup 

Locate Your Images 

Your images are stored in the “Plimages” folder which is located in the following directory in Windows File Explorer: 


Back up your data and images 

There are many methods you can use to back up your data, including built-in Windows utilities and 3rd party programs, however, a simple method is to manually copy the data to a USB Flash Drive or external hard drive. 

For Data Backup: 

First navigate to C:\program files (x86)\ADP Hollander\Powerlink Folder 

  • Right click on the backup folder 
  • Click Send to 
  • Select your USB Flash Drive from the list. 


For Image Backup: 

Navigate to C:\ Drive 

Locate and right-click on the Plimages folder and repeat steps 3 -4. 


Performing Backups for PowerStation Servers: 

Your Hollander installation specialist will have already worked with you to configure your backup options and media destination. 

  • From within your MANAGER Powerstation session, click the start button. 
  • Select Run Backup. 


A Few Other Things to Keep in Mind 

  • We recommend storing backup media off-site in case of theft or fire. 
  • Keeping multiple backups is a good practice in case of data corruption. 

But that’s all there is to it. Now you’re prepared and have made sure your data is secure and able to be restored just in case something goes wrong. For questions about these instructions or assistance with your local data backup, please contact Hollander Client Services at 800-825-0092 or 

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