Marty Pesis

Marty Pesis


Marty Pesis is the president and founder of SociaLink Media, a social media agency with offices in Minneapolis and Chicago. The SociaLink team, comprised of creative, hungry and agile online experts works to enhance customer engagement, raise brand awareness and drive sales using the social web. Prior to founding SociaLink Media, Marty worked for the Online Insights team at Shoutlet Inc., conducting social media research for large US-based brands. This gave him his first exposure to social media from a business perspective, which opened his eyes to an industry with vast potential for growth.

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Building the Best Business Page on Facebook

Today, having a personal Facebook page is like having a phone number. A necessity. In fact, Facebook has over 1 billion active users and accumulates  an estimated 2.7 billion likes every day. In short, Facebook has become an essential place for businesses in every industry. For auto recyclers, having a great business page is the first line of communication for deals, store...

Need Help With Yelp? A Yelp Guide for Auto Recyclers

With 60 million registered users and over 20 million reviews, Yelp is responsible for some of the highest volume of reviews on the internet. Not only that, but more than 70% of consumer buying decisions are made via the web. When auto recyclers create a business page and open their company up to reviews, they are exposing the brand to new customers through peer to peer...

The Pluses of Google+

While Google+ has struggled to establish its foothold among the social media pantheon of Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, the social media platform offers very real benefits for local businesses, such as auto recyclers. Google Plus Local, more specifically, is a powerful social tool that can help: Increase clicks to your website Earn customer reviews and Even increase the...

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

For a lot of us, learning social media for business feels so much like learning a new language – a chore we avoid it like our old high school Spanish homework. However, social media is critical to a successful 2014 marketing strategy. Luckily, the language of social is easier than any romance language, and the crew at SociaLink Media is here to help. Over the next 8 weeks,...