Overheard at Hollander: 80 Years and Counting

September 23, 2014

Hollander is one such brand that’s stood time’s test, and the Hollander Interchange holds as the foundation upon which all Hollander products have been able to grow.

Roy Hollander and his wife Hildur strenuously compiled the first Interchange back in 1934. That parts on that list may only exist in the cracked pages of dusty volumes that still reside in the Hollander Library (more on that in another segment of OaH), but their product continues to grow. Now, a Hollander Interchange manual can’t even be printed in one volume on account of its size.

Hollander has boomed in the auto recycling industry with the creation of yard management systems, ecommerce solutions and yard connectivity. Employees at Hollander remain dedicated by meticulously entering data for new cars into its collected works.

“For the past 80 years Hollander has delivered a unique database of information that defines the usability of vehicle parts; while for the past twenty plus years Audatex has provided services to the Body Shop & Insurance industries,” said Data Services Manager at Hollander, Dennis McCauley.  “Our pursuit of this automotive information continues today looking for every opportunity to acquire the best data available.”

How the Interchange Grows

One such way? They attend auto shows. This year, as every year, Hollander attended the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, examining new technologies and furiously jotting notes on new rides. In addition to Toronto, interchange analysts have attended auto shows in Detroit and Los Angeles for the last 18 years. The Interchange also grows through relationships with local car dealers.

“The Hollander Interchange Manual is the second oldest automotive publication in the United States,” McCauley said.  “Our participation at the Auto Shows allows us to obtain first-hand valuable information and photos only available in this format.”

For this show, Hollander decided to detail its journey to Toronto in a white paper to give insight as to how the Hollander Interchange stays up to date. The white paper, available at the bottom and in the “Resources” section of the web site this blog is attached to, sees Interchange Analysts Tyler Steele and Todd Novak record the new technologies they observe at the AutoShow, and gives a step-by-step process as to how one of the auto industry’s most trusted and widely used resource continues to grow, one volume at a time. 

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